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DB Subminiature Switch
·A variety of solder,Q.C.and PCB type terminals;
·Wide range of auxiliary actuators;
·Operating force from 150 to 250 gms;
·All terminals sealed;
·Symmetrical termination.
DC Subminiature Switch - sealed
·Waterproof and dustproof in accordance with IP67;
·Potted wire version available UL/CSA or CUL approvals only;
·External snap on actuators.
D4 Miniature Switch
·8 current ratings;Choice of actuators;
·3 contact arrangements;
·Long life coil spring mechanicsm ;
·VDE approved version available upon request;
·Stackable case and cover available upon request.
F8 Line Interrupt Switch
·Snap-in panel mounting;High overtravel;
·Choice of button barrier or standard housing;
·Double make/double break storting bars;
·International approval available;
·3mm minimum contact gaps.
E1-E2-E3-G1-G2 General Purpose Switch
·5 current ratings;
·Choice of actuator styles;
·3 terminal types;
·3 contact arrangements;
·Long-life coil spring mechanism.
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